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One Cake Mix, a World of Possibilities!

Akwaaba – Welcome! We are delighted to announce that Flour & Olive won the Oscars of the specialty foods industry - a sofi™ GOLD Award! This is a testament to the care that went into creating our four olive oil cake mixes - Almond, Chocolate, Ginger and Vanilla - made from a custom blend of unbleached and whole wheat flour. Our cake mixes are designed to be paired with extra virgin olive oil, a simple baking method and our interactive International Collection of over 70 recipes that transport your senses all over the world and include vegan and dairy free options.

Cake Recipes

Our four premium cake mixes work with our extensive International Collection of recipes! We invite you to explore our world of olive oil cakes!

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About Us

Akwaaba – Welcome!

Our logo was inspired by the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol for hospitality. We extend a hearty Akwaaba to you and hope that our cake mixes set you on a shared and joyous journey through the world of olive oil cakes.